Are you ready to live what only a few people will experience? Are you looking for that unique and exclusive night? Well, MountainIgloo is what you need. Feel this complete silence of snow surrounding you. Let yourselves be covered by romantic, enjoy loneliness when it’s only stars surrounding you. Live one night outdoors. Sleep at MountainIgloo.

You will find us at Speikboden in Valley Aurina, Südtirol. This activity is worth a trip for those who seek adventure and a little bit of luxury in the middle of the snow.

Sauna, warm hot tubs and the panoramic view is what you’ll get at the igloo patio. Be inspired by the magic of the winter’s sky.



It’s so easy to reach and still so far away from daily life: Mountainigloo nestled at a corner of the skiing area of Speikboden. Those who look for the unique night will find what they’ve desired. You will experience a different kind of wellness: reaching out for nature this will be an escape from routine. The adventure starts in the afternoon. After checking in, the guests might do a snowshoe hike while the sun sets behind the mountains, people leave the slopes, and the skiing area starts to get deserted. All guests meet at dinner inside the icy igloo restaurant. Right after dinner the sauna and pools are open for everyone to warm up. Relax, watch the stars or the snowflakes and enjoy the first hours of the upcoming night. Once you’re tired step into your private igloo room, find the sleeping bags ready on the fleece covered beds.

We’ve been welcoming influencers from all over Europe. You almost can’t this call an insider’s advice anymore. Yet, we would recommend this as a unique night outdoors.